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What should I know about the inbox?
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As soon as you uploaded your images to your Copytrack account, our crawler will start screening the web for those images automatically. When a hit is found, it will be displayed in your inbox where you can check if it is a legal usage or a copyright infringment. 

The inbox serves as a mailbox for your new hits. From this mailbox you can easily sort your hits into the specified categories: Legal, Illegal, Unsure, No Hit and Whitelist. Read more about those categories in our article Organizing Your Inbox.

If the respective website does not have a license to use your image, you can submit the hit to us as a claim in a few steps. After the claim submission we review the claim and begin the enforcement of your rights. 

Please note, that we can only accept one claim per hit and domain. If the opponent used the same image three times on his or her website for example, it is enough to submit only one claim.

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