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Submit Violations Manually
Submit Violations Manually
I found a violation by myself - what can I do?
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The internet is almost endless and continues to grow every day. For that reason it is possible that you might find copyright infringements yourself, which haven't yet been recorded by our crawler. You can submit those hits manually in order to start our enforcement process.  

To do this, please use the blue button in the upper right corner of your inbox that says "Submit violation manually". Please click on it - you will be transferred to a new site. In the input field "Your image", please enter the name of your original image. After starting the input, images with these name components from your Copytrack collections will be displayed automatically. Select the right image. The next step is to report the website who has used your image without your consent to us.To do this, please insert the link that leads to the respective website in the field marked "Page URL". In the field "Image URL" you insert the link which leads directly to the image used. If you have filled everything in correctly, your own image will be displayed next to the image which is illegally used on the website. 

Please click "CONTINUE" to check the hit one last time before confirming. After a few minutes the submitted hit will show up in your inbox, from where you can submit the hit as a claim to us.

When submitting a hit manually, however, there are some things to consider:

  • You can only submit those hits, where the image used is bigger than 100x100 pixel. 

  • The hit has one of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif

  • The domain of the page URL and the domain of the image URL are the same. If this is not the case, you will get an error message and you cannot proceed. You can contact us and send us both the link to the page URL and the image URL. We will check them and connect them within our system to make the manual submission possible.

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