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The Overlay-function
The Overlay-function
Does the hit match my original image?
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To check whether a hit really is your original image you may use our practical overlay-function. In order to use it, please click directly either on the original image or the hit.

A pop-up window will open and show you both the original image and the hit right next to each other. If you still can't tell if the images are identical or not, you can have an overlay of the two images displayed. Within the overlay, both images are layered one over the other and the image changes quickly between your original image and the hit back and forth. You can also pause the overlay and move the cursor manually to slow it down. Even the smallest differences become visible that way. This function is particularly suitable for checking series of images which are very similar and only differ in small details.

If the displayed images do not match, but the found image is one of your original images, you can easily replace the original image. You can find more about this in our article Swap the original image.

It is very important to check the image for conformance carefully, as we have to reject cases where the found image does not match the assigned original image.

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