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How do I upload my images into my COPYTRACK account?
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To start the search process of our crawler, you need to upload your images to your Copytrack account first.

Start by choosing "Manage" and then "Import" in the menu on the left hand side and chose whether you want to upload your images from your computer or if you want to use one of our other import options.

If you chose the upload option from your computer, you have to create a collection first, into which you can easily upload your images via drag & drop. Of course you can also upload your images to already existing collections via drag & drop.

Collections can be very helpful in arranging your images and get a better overview. We would recommend not to put too many images in one collection in order to find images more easily afterwards. If collections get too large you might lose track of your images. When creating collections you could, for example, use the folders you keep images in on your computer or divide images according to the creation period or client.

When uploading, please make sure that the uploaded images have a minimum size of 600x600 pixels and a maximum size of 10Mb. Images smaller that 600x600 are unfortunately not suitable for image search and will therefore be rejected.

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