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How do I mark a domain as legal?
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Not all hits found by the Copytrack image search are illegal usages. We also find a whole lot of legitimate usages. Often these are hits on your own website or on websites of your customers and sales partners. To organize these hits in the inbox could lead to a lot of work.

In order to mark those websites, you can put them on the so-called "Whitelist". Hits on whitelisted domains will not show up in your inbox at all, but will be automatically transferred to the folder "Whitelist". In order to put domains on your whitelist, please go to "Manage" and click on "Whitelist". There you will see the button "Add domain to whitelist" in the upper right corner. Enter the desired domain and confirm your entry. Please be sure to enter the domain without "www" or "https://". A valid whitelist entry might look like this: "". 

If you see a hit in your inbox that leads to a domain which is authorized to use your images, you can whitelist the domain directly from the inbox. Use the "Whitelist Domain" button to do this.

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