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How does the Copytrack search engine work?
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After your images have been uploaded to our app, the system scales them to an optimal size. Our software then extracts an individual fingerprint from the uploaded images and stores it in the Copytrack image directory.

Various web crawlers search millions of websites every day and index the images found on them, comparing their fingerprints with the Copytrack image directory. Possible changes such as scaling, color change, filtering, cropping, resizing or collaging are taken into account. If the fingerprint of one of your images matches the fingerprint of a found image, the system assumes a hit.

The resulting matches are stored temporarily by our system and prepared for the hit display in your inbox. For this purpose, further data must be added to the found image: information such as the search page, the storage site of the hit image, the publication date of the image and the operator of the website are determined automatically. Using this information, you can quickly check whether the image user has a valid license to use your image.

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