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Which claims can I submit? Which claims will be rejected by Copytrack?

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COPYTRACK is committed to fair compensation for image creators and copyright holders. Our focus is on tracking copyright infringement online. However, we cannot enforce all cases for you, as in some cases there are legal, systemic or other reasons against it. In the following we would like to explain to you the possible reasons why we may reject a case.

  • Private websites and blogs: COPYTRACK only prosecutes online copyright infringement that takes place in a commercial context. In other words, COPYTRACK reject claims against individuals or private websites and blogs.

  • User Generated Content: User-generated content poses a major challenge to copyright law. Such content is difficult to control as registered users usually hide behind anonymity. Therefore, it is almost impossible to determine who is responsible for the user-generated content. The platform operators of websites on which third parties can publish content are also usually not directly responsible for the content. We must therefore reject the majority of cases involving user-generated content. Platforms include popular websites such as tumblr, pinterest, ebay, wordpress, docplayer and many other blogs, private sales platforms and forums. 

  • Amazon: Although the merchants listed on Amazon are commercial companies, it is difficult to prosecute copyright infringement on Amazon. This is due to the way Amazon manages the uploaded images. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to trace who uploaded a specific picture to Amazon. We cannot determine the infringer and therefore have to reject cases on the Amazon platforms. 

  • Print cases: COPYTRACK’s processes and communication channels are designed mainly for the online use of images. If your image is not used online only, but also in print or sold as merchandise, Copytrack is unable to accept your claim. The main reason is that we can't measure the exact amount of copy as we do not know the total extent of the use which is decisive for the calculation of damages. However, you are welcome to enforce them with your own lawyer.

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