The Claim Process
What happens after I submit a claim?
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After you have successfully submitted a case, in the first step all necessary evidence is secured by us. Your case will then be examined in detail and the responsible opponent will be researched.

After we have examined your case and come to the conclusion that we can pursue the case, we send a post-licensing offer to the opposite party. The entire post-licensing process usually takes one month. During this time, our settlement portal is available to the other party: Here, the opponent has the opportunity to view all important facts about the case, to prove any existing licenses or to accept our offer.

If the opponent does not accept our offer within the set period, we have of course further possibilities to enforce your right. After the expiration of our post-licensing offer, our experts examine your case again and decide whether the case can be legally enforced. The legal enforcement then starts with the commercial dunning procedure.

If our commercial dunning procedure is not successful, your case may be handed over to our legal partners. They will then try to legally enforce your copyrights.

Please note that legal enforcement is a lengthy process. In case of legal dispute, it can take up several years. We, therefore, ask for your understanding and patience. 

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