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How can I instruct Copytrack with the prosecution of a claim?

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If you have identified a hit as a possible illegal use, you can entrust us with the prosecution of your rights. We recommend the use of a current internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). Microsoft Internet Explorer is expressly not recommended as it does not meet the technical requirements of our online application.

  1. First, please check whether the hit matches your original image. Only if the two images match can we accept the claim. If it is a different, similar image that is part of one of your Copytrack collections, you can simply swap the original image before submitting the claim.

  2. Now check whether a license has already been granted for the image used on the website. If no valid license exists, the hit can be submitted as a claim. If you are unsure whether a license has been granted, this is not a problem. Within the post-licensing process Copytrack always asks the opponent to show a valid license, should there be one. However, please inform us of any doubts.

  3. Once you have completed the preliminary check and would like to submit the hit as a claim, you have to click the "Submit Claim" button. Then a pop-up will open, showing the general questions about your image and the calculation of the license fee.

  4. Please make sure that all questions have been answered and that the license fee has been confirmed with the "Calculate" button before you submit the claim with "Submit claim". Using the slider below, you can determine how much in percentage terms of the calculated fee you would agree with as a result. This way, you tell us how much play we have for negotiation with the opponent. Please note, that it will be very difficult to settle the claim out of court if the slider is put to 100 percent.

  5. After you have successfully submitted the claim, it is assigned a claim ID consisting of six digits (numbers and letters). You can find the claim in the menu on the left hand side under "Claims".

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