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Calculating the License Fee
Calculating the License Fee
How do I determine the right license fee for me?
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Before you can submit a claim, you have to calculate the license fee for the illegal use of your image. When calculating the license fee, your usual license practice plays an important role. You can find more information about your license practice in our article Proving Your License Practice.

1. First, please check whether the other party has named you as the author of the image they used or not. Due to legal regulations, this has an influence on the amount of the licence fee / the claim for damages; which can double under certain circumstances. It is possible, however, that our software will take that into account automatically.

2. There are two ways to enter the required license fee into our system: Manual and MFM

Manual: If you select "Manual" as the basis for your calculation, you can simply enter the amount the amount you have calculated according to your license practice.  So that we can understand how you arrived at the indicated price, please also write a short comment in the field "How did you calculate this fee". 

MFM: For professional photographers who are able to calculate according to the MFM list and are also able to prove this, you can use our MFM calculator. For this you have to check the website which has used your image without your consent and select the categories in our app. 

In the section "Category Type" you have to differentiate between commercial use (e.g. online shops, company websites, etc.) or editorial use (e.g. blogs, online magazines, etc.).In the section "Category", a distinction is then made within the selected category type: If you have selected purely commercial use, your must now specify where it is a normal website or a social media platform. For editorial use, you chose whether the website is an online magazine, a blog or an information website. 

3. If you have entered everything accordingly, confirm your entry with the "Calculate" button. Only then will your settings be accepted and the claim can be submitted to us. 

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