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Tagging of images and collections
Tagging of images and collections

Tag images or whole collections

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From now on you can assign tags to images and entire collections. The tags are automatically inherited by the resulting hits. Tags can help get important information about a collection or an image displayed at all related hits (i.e. no model release, commissioned work, CC-license, etc.).

Newly assigned tags are also applied to existing hits. After assigning, it can therefore take a few minutes for the system to tag all current hits with the corresponding tag. During this time, the tag on the image or collection will be displayed as loading and will be greyed out:

Tagging collections

In the collection overview, you can add one or more tags to each collection. A newly added tag is automatically applied to all images in this collection. 

If an image is moved from one tagged collection to another, the image loses the corresponding tag and inherits the tags from the new collection.

Tagging images

Tagging an image works the same way as tagging a collection. Tags assigned like this will also be passed onto all existing and future hits of this image. If an image is moved from one collection to another, it retains its own tags, but loses the collection tags of the old collection.

Tags that an image has inherited from a collection are also displayed on each image in the image view, but are greyed out. Collection tags can only be removed at collection level and not directly on the image.

Why not try it yourself: This way to your collections!

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