We’ve completely redesigned the collection and image view to give you a better overview of your Copytrack collections and simplify the management of your images. Thanks to the new layout you will find all necessary functions in one place.

The collection view

With the new layout you now have a better overview of the collections. 

Thanks to the newly implemented tagging function for images and collections, you can now tag entire collections. Read more about this in our article about the new tagging function.

The image view

The image view within a collection also benefits from the new layout. All the familiar functions (zoom, move, delete/archive, deactivate/activate) can now be found directly with the image.

Also, it is now easier to move or delete multiple images at the same time. Just click on the images you want to select. Each selected image will be highlighted in blue.

Immediately after selecting the images, a new menu opens at the bottom of the window, providing you with the familiar bulk functions. You can now select whether you want to move or delete the selected images.

The new tagging function has also been added to the image view. Read more about this in our article about the new tagging function. 

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