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From now on you can mark domains with tags

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Recently we have introduced the tagging of images and collections. Today we would like to present to you the tagging of whole domains. 

From now on you can also tag entire domains in your inbox or under “hits”. To do this, click on the “+add Tag” button on the domain level. In the drop-down menu in the dialogue box, you can now select the appropriate tag from your existing tags or simply create a new one.

After you have assigned a tag to a domain, this tag is applied to all hits on this website and is also displayed in the individual hits. This also applies to future hits. Important information about a certain website will be displayed in the individual hits for this domain in the future. 

For example: If a website has only purchased a license up to a certain period of time, you can tag the entire domain: “License until 2019”. If several people work on reviewing the finds, as is customary with agencies, domain tagging can be used to mark relevant websites. 

Domain tagging thus enables you to sort your finds even more effectively and mark them for later processing.

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