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How to use our Lightroom Plugin

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May 2020: Currently our Lightroom plugin does not work for some versions of Lightroom. We are already working on a new version.


If you already have collections created in your Copytrack account you can synchronize your collection structure into Lightroom. Select File > Plugin Manager in the menu bar. Use the Sync button to import your collection structure.

After importing, your Copytrack collections will also appear in the Copytrack Lightroom Plugin section under the Publishing Services. The collections will be empty, even if you already uploaded images into these collections. The Lightroom plugin is unable to import images from your Copytrack account. 

If you want to create a new collection in your Copytrack account, you can do this right out of Lightroom as well. Right-click onto the Copytrack Plugin and select Create Published Collection from the menu. Give the collection a name and if necessary a description and confirm your entries.

This newly created collection will not appear in your Copytrack account until you publish it. 

Publishing/Uploading Images

Once you are set with your collections it is time to upload some images. Simply select the images you want to upload from your Lightroom library and drag them into the desired Copytrack collection.

Your photos now appear in the collection as unpublished. 

Use the Publish button in the top right corner to publish the newly added images. 

This starts the upload to your Copytrack account. The Upload might take a while, depending on the size of images and your internet connection. The upload progress will be displayed in the top left corner of the Lightroom application. 

Once the upload is done, the images will be displayed in your Copytrack account. You do not have to active them, the search starts automatically as soon as they are uploaded. The first search result will show up in your inbox after just a few minutes. 

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