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Having many new hits in your inbox from our image search system can make it difficult to distinguish relevant and promising hits from less relevant ones. Starting today, our new "Top Hits" filter will help you to better manage your hits by showing you only your most relevant hits in our system.

What do we mean by most relevant hits? Most relevant hits are those which we have determined to have a higher probability of successful copyright enforcement. This means that findings on websites which, from our experience, have had low success rates or which are currently unenforceable via our system, will be hidden. This saves you valuable time by allowing you to more easily determine relevant hits and focus your efforts on them.

Moreover, the "Top Hits" filter can be combined with all other existing filters, such as the “Domain Filter”, “Country Filter”, and “Tag Filter” for better inbox organization.

It’s important to note that, although less relevant hits are hidden from view when the “Top Hits” filter has been applied, they are not lost. Simply switching the filter from “Top Hits” to "All Hits" will display all the hits you have in our system unfiltered. That being said, we do recommend that you work primarily on the top hits only - this saves both you and the Copytrack team valuable time!

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