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As we are constantly improving we would like to share our knowledge of certain domains with you and thus eliminate uncertainties and reduce your efforts in handing in claims. Here we would like to introduce the website categorization to you today. 

Every month we check thousands of cases. Unfortunately, we have to reject many of these cases because they can't be enforced on certain domains.

Our new feature allows us to share this information with you. From now on every website will be categorized when we review a case. 

If we have to reject a case because the domain is a non-commercial blog, for example, this information will be saved. Any future cases submitted against this website, will display the following information:

"We have classified this domain as a non-commercial blog. Please note that we cannot accept cases against non-commercial individuals. Thank you for your understanding".

This way you save yourself the trouble of submitting a case and waiting for our specialists to review it.

We will also provide you with more information on certain domains rather than just preventing you from submitting claims against them. If, for example, we have determined that a website is a social media platform on which third parties can publish content, we will display the following information in the future:

"We have classified this domain as a social media platform. Most of the content is uploaded by non-commercial users. We ask you to submit this case only if you are sure that your image will be used commercially. Cases against non-commercial users will be rejected. Thank you for your help."

This allows you to check whether Copytrack can pursue this case prior to submission and thus save valuable time. 

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