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Our customer Jordy Meow has created a useful and free WordPress plugin, which allows you to import your images directly from your WordPress website. This is especially helpful if you are publishing all your images on your own website anyway and the setup is very simple:

1. Head over to your own WordPress website and log into your admin section

2. Navigate to the 'Plugins' > 'Add New' section in the menu on the left and search for 'Copytrack' in the search bar

3. Install the 'Image Copytrack' plugin of MEOWAPPS and activate the plugin after the installation

4. Navigate to the MEOW APPS listing in the menu on the left and choose 'Copytrack'

5. Follow the link in the instruction and copy & paste your key and token into WordPress and save the changes. You might have to log into your Copytrack Account in the process.

Now you are all set up to start uploading your first images. You have the option to upload them individually or in bulk.

For the individual upload, navigate to your media library. Next to each image you now can see the 'Upload now!' button.

Click 'Upload Now!' to start the upload of the image you want to be tracked by Copytrack.

The bulk upload is even easier. Head back to the MEOW APPS listing in the menu on the left and choose 'Copytrack'. You will see a progress bar and a button for uploading all your images.

Click the button and the plugin will start uploading your images one after the other to your Copytrack account.

Please keep in mind, that the images you want to upload have to be available online in order for the plugin to work. Otherwise, you will get a similar message like this:

Simply press "Always Skip" in order to resume the bulk upload. Also be aware, that our app only supports .jpgs. Other image formats like .png are not supported and will not be uploaded via the plugin.

Please make sure to leave the WordPress tab in your browser open for the whole time of the upload, since the upload can not be processed in the background.

No matter whether you upload your images individually or via bulk, each image will be uploaded into the automatically created 'WordPress' collection in your Copytrack account.

If you like this plugin, leave a review on WordPress and thereby help others to find the plugin. Jordy also created other free WordPress plugins for photographers so make sure to also check out his website: meowapps.com.

Disclaimer: As we are not the developers of this Plugin, please contact Jordy directly, as he can help you better than we can. For support you can contact him here.

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