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New and improved case view
New and improved case view

More information, better overview

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To give you a better overview of the cases you have submitted, we have completely revised the case view. Cases no longer open as popup windows, but instead each case now has its own page.

Claim Details

On the left hand side you will find general information about the case, such as the image user's data and the fee.

Billing Documents

Under the general case details, you can now view and download the billing documents for your book-keeping once a case has been successfully resolved. However, these documents will continue to be sent to you by email.

Hit Details

All hits in a case are displayed on the right hand side. A hit can be collapsed or expanded by clicking on the header line. Non-trialable hits are automatically collapsed. If a case contains more than 4 hits, all hits are automatically collapsed. However, you can use the arrow button in the header of each page to collapse or expand all hits at once.

Overlay Function

You can compare the images with our overlay function even in an already opened case as this feature has now been integrated into the case view. Simply click on the images in a hit and a window with the familiar comparison view will open.

Image Details:

Each hit shows you details about your original image in the "Image Details" tab. Here you can view the details you entered when submitting the hit.

Fee Calculation

If you switch to the "Calculation" tab within a hit, you can view the history of the fee calculation for each case. In total there can be up to 3 calculations: Your own calculation, Copytrack's calculation for post-licensing and the calculation for claiming damages. The most recent calculation is always displayed on the left and for each calculation you can also view the underlying information.

Timeline & Comment Section

The case timeline and comment section can still be found at the bottom of each page. Here you can view what has happened in your case and see the comments of our team as well as leave a comment yourself.

Further hits on the same domain

Occasionally we may find more of your pictures on the same website over a period of time. To help you to identify if there are more unsubmitted hits on the same website, a button with an eye icon is displayed in the header of each case. If the button shows numbers in orange, there are more hits on the same website. Clicking on the button opens a new tab with the open hits.

Other cases on the same domain

Also in the header, right next to the eye-icon button, you will find another button that shows whether you have submitted any other cases for the same domain.

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