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A small fresh up for our menu

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We gave our menu a small fresh up in order to prepare it for some other changes to come in the future. Besides changing the color to a brighter and friendlier look, we also move around and renamed a few menu items.


The menu item "Collections" is now called "Photos" in order to make it more intuitive for new users to find their images.


We noticed that some users had trouble finding the notifications icon. Therefore, notifications have been moved from the top right corner to the menu bar on the left.

Profile and Agencies

Formerly placed in the submenu of the "Manage" menu item, the "Profile" and "Agencies" selection now has a place in the top menu and therefore makes it easier to access and change settings.

Language Selection

The language selection has been moved from the top right corner to the top of the menu bar on the left.

Menu Toggle

Collapsing and expanding the menu in order to optimize space now works better. The system will now remember your setting when changing pages. Toggle the menu with the button in the very top left corner of the menu bar.

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