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Image Upload via FTP
Image Upload via FTP

How to use the FTP Image Import

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We always strive to make COPYTRACK as easy to use and accessible as possible so you can truly save time when using our service to pursue copyright infringements. We have made our FTP more accessible for you to simplify the transfer of large quantities of photos to us.

As we have made FTP more accessible now, we allow the usage of third-party software. We recommend using the open source Software Filezilla to import your images.

You can download the standard version of Filezilla here

Windows (64bit)


1. Accessing the Server Information

If you have not started any other imports in our app (like EyeEm imports) and want to use our FTP, you can find all the information you need to connect to our server with an FTP program at “Manage” -> “Import” and simply click on FTP.

If you have already done EyeEm Imports in the past, you can generate the User Information via “Manage” -> “Import” -> “New Import” -> “FTP”

The password will be generated once for you and not shown again. We recommend that you save the password in a secure password manager or directly in your FTP program.

You can generate a new password under "Manage" -> "Import" -> "Accounts". If you try to start the FTP Process again, you will be automatically directed back to "Accounts".

2. Using the Software

Once you have your FTP Software open, add all the necessary information and connect to the server (Login = Username).

If you use multiple FTP Servers, please select the "implicit" encryption.

Once connected you can simply drag and drop the folders from your files to our server or move single files into already existing folders. We will move the folder "Test Y" to our server.

This may look and work differently for you depending on the program you choose to use. We therefore recommend the usage of Filezilla.

Once everything has been transferred, you will see your photos in the new collection that bears the name of your folder. So now you will see "Test Y".

As the FTP accesses our app, there are certain restriction when using it.

  • You cannot download from FTP to your own system.

  • You cannot delete images/folders in FTP.

  • You cannot create sub-folders in FTP.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the chat or or phone +49-30-809332910 .

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