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Organizing Your Inbox
Organizing Your Inbox
How do I keep my Inbox organized?
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We recommend that you immediately sort new hits arriving in your inbox into one of the subfolders provided by us. This way you will see immediately whether our crawler has placed new hits for you in your inbox. For this purpose, four classification options are available: "Legal", "Illegal", "Unsure" and "No Match". A click on the respective button sorts the hits into the respective subfolder, which you can find in den menu under "Hits" on the left side.

  • Legal: In this subfolder you can sort all hits where you are sure that there is a valid license or other reasons for legal use. 

  • Illegal: If you find that an image user has not purchased a license or is otherwise authorized to use your image, you can sort the hit into the "Illegal" folder. This categorization serves only for a better classification and overview and has no influence on whether you ultimately pass a case onto us or not. If you want to submit the categorized finds as a claim later, the article Submitting a claim will help you.

  • Unsure: For some image uses, it is not clear whether the user is authorized to use the image. Simply place such hits in the "Uncertain" folder and clarify first whether an authorization exists. You can also sort the hits into another category later. 

  • No Match: Our crawler does not only recognize 100% matches, but also recognizes your image if it is part of a collage or has been edited otherwise. To do this, however, it must allow a certain amount of leeway in matching images. Therefore it can happen that hits are displayed which aren't true hits and don't correspond with your image. You can mark these hits with "No Match" and thus help our algorithm to become even better. If the hit matches one of the images in your Copytrack collections, you can easily swap the original image.

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